Brother Ali - The Bite Marked Heart

Brother Ali - The Bite Marked Heart

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Brother Ali Just dropped a FREE 7 track EP from Rhymesayers Entertainment with production from both Jake One, and Ant from Rhymesayers. The EP is titled The Bite Marked Heart, and features five different artists.





Its safe to say I will forever be a Brother Ali fan. Ever since the release of his EP Champion in 2004 he has captured my ears and drove me through a different kind of underground passion that just cant be mirrored by most mainstream Hip Hop artists. His albums aren’t half as impressive as his live performances. Touring usually 6 months out of the year he makes his stops all over the United States from small towns to LA, or Austin. Catching a show at First-Avenue, the famous venue that housed influential artists like Craig Finn, Bob Dylan, and Prince, you would leave with a sense of fulfillment and inspiration.  It is the locals and die hard fans that travel from all areas who are lucky enough to see him in the comfort of his hometown on First Ave's main room floor. This is where he gives back to the people that support and fiend for his music on a daily basis. The shows feel so personal you would think it was a private performance. Getting tickets on the other hand can prove to be difficult because of how fast Brother Ali seems to sell out his shows.


Ali is growing rapidly as a household name in the Twin Cities. His reign as one of the most talented lyricists is not showing signs of weakness.  In this EP he speaks calm with a cool style yet carries over the same conviction from his past albums. It features artists Nikki Jean and Abby Wolf, as well as Stokly Williams and Phonte. Worried at first then ultimately impressed, these additions meshed perfectly with Brother Ali’s style. They attributed to a dark and lonely feeling that The Bite Marked Heart verses seemed to reveal. This EP release has left me excited and anxious for a new Brother Ali album, which works out perfectly because according the "He is Putting the final touches on a new LP called Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color." Check out the links below for a free stream from, and a FREE download from While your there check out current tour dates, shop the online store,  and listen to new material.